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 from students & parents

BP ICS 2020.png

IB student:
Biology HL & Chemistry HL

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-17 um 21.06.21.png

"I passed! Thank you so much Brianna!"

IGCSE student:
Biology, Chemistry & Maths

"Brianna, you are a Gem sent to me by God."

IB parent:
Extended Essay- Maths

IB parent:
Physics HL, A&A Maths HL,
ToK, and Visual Arts HL

MdS ICS 2022.png

"I received my results today and got a 40!  Thank you for all your help throughout the year."

IB student:
A&I Maths SL, Earth Systems Science SL, 
English HL, ToK, Economics HL & 
Business Management HL

IB student:
Biology HL, Chemistry HL & A&A Maths HL

"I feel so lucky.  I got a 5 thanks to you!"

AP student:
Human Geography

ALL testimonials are presented anonymously to honor the privacy of parents and students.

Scottish droplets.jpg
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