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customed tailored wordsmithing

  • 1 h
  • prices vary
  • BRAIN: tutoring by brianna

Service Description

Whether you are aiming to introduce a subtle sparkle to your words or make an entire written or spoken work outshine the competition-- I'd love to help! Wordsmithing is my ultimate passion. With that said, proofreading is a time-intensive editing service that includes technical corrections and creative suggestions to offer specific, high-quality handwritten feedback. Per request, feedback can be typed, sources can be reviewed, and marking/scoring by criterion rubric (ie. AP & IB) can be estimated. It is recommended that proofreading be accompanied by an individual session for discussion. Examples of written and spoken works: ° Personal Essay for College Applications ° Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Essay ° Internal Assessment (IA) ° Extended Essay (EE) ° Individual Oral (IO) ° Process Portfolio (PP) ° Comparative Study (CS) ° various essays for English and History classes: Argumentative, Analytical, Creative, Comparative, Descriptive, Expository, Method, Narrative, Persuasive, Process, Research, Rhetorical, Synthesis, etc One hour minimum.

Contact Details

  • Benedikt-Fontana-Weg 12, 8049 Zürich, Switzerland

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