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¡Hello Hej Hi Hoi Hola Hallo!


I am Dr. Brianna Kolitzus, a life-long lover of learning. I am an extensively educated, experienced & enthusiastic teacher from the United States who had the privilege of being named Teacher of the Year.


Even though I opted to focus on studying science after graduating high school, I earned awards in art & history and continue to pursue these passions through travel, film, museums— and tutoring.  Having visited more than 40 countries, including trips to CERN & CHERNOBYL, I have a deep reservoir of cultural experience. 


With nearly 20 years of experience teaching a wide range of subjects, mostly at the high school level, I know a lot about science & math and a lot about how to teach them. I have worked with children as young as preschool- teaching sign language and fostering STEM skills through creative, engineering design projects. 


Since 2019, I have been offering high-quality, personalized academic support to students in the greater Zürich area. 

I know the nuances of the IB, AP, IGCSE, A Level & Schweizerische Maturität curricula and the nature of questions students are expected to answer on their exams. I have completed thousands of past exam questions which, along with my training as an AP Exam Reader, allows me to share powerful guidance in exam preparation.

I am a self-employed, private & professional tutor— so, no third-party agency! My goal is to engage students in understanding challenging scientific & mathematical concepts by using simple, everyday language and relating ideas to the real world while creating interdisciplinary connections. I create a space for questions, mistakes, fun, and success. I aim to nurture motivation by framing learning within the Japanese context of kaizen (改善) or steady improvement.

Resume Snapshot

I completed my bachelor’s in Life Science & Biobehavioral Health with minors in Neuroscience and Spanish. I completed my master’s in Physics Education and earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership & Management.  This is just an overview of my education as I actually have SIX degrees!


At CERN, in collaboration with teachers from around the world, I developed a high school particle physics curriculum.

Additionally, I have research experience in the fields of Genetics and Nanomaterials.


a life-long lover of learning

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Benedikt-Fontana-Weg 12
8049 Zürich


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